Fandom Songfic

Fandom Songfic

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APH_Philippines By SkyFantasyWorld Updated Mar 04

Info: this book contains multi-fandom, for now im sticking with this fandoms (Undertale, Pokemon, and Hetalia), but if you like, you can request other fandoms, also this may also contain some of my OCS and other Ships.

Warning: This is PG 13 so be were of that, so don't go like "ew why does this story have cursing ?!" and all okay ?, and this may also contain some depressing crap, so if your not a fan of that, just skip it, I'll even put a warning on the top.

OCS: Maxine Matsubusa (Maxie's Lil Sis), Sky Angela Brine (Undertale oc), and Michelle Angela J. De Castro aka Philippines Hetalia (aka my account, just read my bio if you want to know more about her).

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  • pg
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