Secretly Not A Nerd

Secretly Not A Nerd

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Hannah By Hanabanna12 Updated Oct 28, 2014

Lea Smith is known throughout Lee County High as the schools nerd who always wears beanies. 

She has few friends and the schools most popular people, the cheerleaders and football players, have taken a special interest in trying to make her life a living hell.   

But away from everybody Lea turns into a completely different girl.  She weird and loud and crazy but she doesn't want anyone to know because of what happened in her previous school.

But what happens when the cheerleaders and the football players, who have been bullying her find out her little secret?

Those are some long words... Don't most pages fit at least 400 words
                              Please don't hate me for nitpicking
BEST SONG EVER!!!!! That song is a singing and jumping around your room with your hair brush kind of song lol
evifriendly evifriendly 3 days ago
Lemonade mouth!!!love the movie and the song. And I actually relate to it
I wouldn't mind! I've read that story and stage lines a thousand times!
terenavi terenavi Nov 28, 2014
It was great but it seemed like you were rushing things. BUT I LOVED IT