Unexpected Father

Unexpected Father

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What happens when Hermione Granger gets paired with Neville Longbottom in potions? We all know that Neville isn't the best when it comes to this subject.
So when the potion goes wrong and explodes, Hermione gets turned into a 6-month-old baby and Severus Snape is ordered to look after her until she returns to her original age.
With Severus's hideous past life resurfacing, what obstacles will they have to face? Will Severus finally let someone in? Will Hermione be the one to bring the soft side out in Severus?
Read to find out.
Severus sat quietly on one of the chairs and watched her closely while occasionally looking up at the two boys. He wondered if he went a little too overboard with his demands, but couldn't come to care if it meant confirming Hermione's security and happiness.

"You put in here what position she likes to sleep?!" Potter's bewildered voice cut through Severus's concentration of watching Hermione build a fortress.

"Yes, of course, I did. If she doesn't have a good nap, she will wake up grumpy and illogical. She is very difficult to reason with when she is in that mood." Severus responded carelessly.

"...O-kay." Weasly muttered.

Severus then watched in horror as Hermione was about to put a mini toy figure in her mouth. "No, no! Hermione, don't put it in your mouth." He quickly jumped to his feet and knelt beside her, pulling the figure away from her lips. "That doesn't go in your mouth."

"No?" Hermione questions.


She pouts. "But I hungry."
WARNING: This is not a Severus and Hermione romance fanfiction. It is more of a Severus/father and Hermione/daughter.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters. This idea is not mine, but the writing style and eventual plot line is.

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