Remember the Rules

Remember the Rules

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Sadie Briar By NeverleaveNeverland Completed

Uriel doesn't know where she is. Or who she is.

All she remembers is her name and two yellow eyes with a deep voice. All she has is a dagger and a small brown notebook with rules about weird things. Things called "Dreamshade" and places called "Neverland." All she knows is that she should follow the rules, or she will get hurt.

Rule #1: Try to avoid people, especially people named Peter Pan.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Once Upon a Time or any characters IN Once Upon a Time. All rights go to their rightful owners. ALSO: I will not be sticking closely, if at all, to the plotline of the show, just because.... I can't. I just can't. It's too amazing to change. This work is completely MINE.


Naniboo2004 Naniboo2004 Aug 15
Well I have to stop reading now if I'm ganna think of her as a fat ass bruh
                              Slitting throats
                              Threatening things
                              The family business
Okay I understand...*ponders* I'll get as close to Pan as I can😏
HEY! OK! HOLD ME BACK! *hands part of shirt to a random fangirl* LEMME AT HIM!! LEMME AT EM!!!!
In a book I read they forgot Felix's name and thought his name was Phoeboe 😂
Purple_Boba Purple_Boba Nov 30
I read this as 'we both know that Felix will crush on her'. Lol wowie