The Sky, the Stars, and the Moon [Newscapecrew] (Being Rewritten)

The Sky, the Stars, and the Moon [Newscapecrew] (Being Rewritten)

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she took the kids By the-pulls Updated Apr 07

"What was it like? When you saw the stars?" the boy asked. His father turned to him and smiled.

"Wonderful. They speckled the sky like tiny lanterns, making the night sky seem enchanted along with the moon."

The boy's eyes widened at the word "sky" and "moon." He had never heard such words like that. It only increased in interest. He then looked back up to the empty darkness above them that would've been the "sky," void of any light or "moon." The boy's head only filled with more questions than answers, but he narrowed the thoughts down to one: "Dad, what happened to the sky, the stars, and the moon?"

As for his father, the man only looked longingly at the black abyss that gave the prospect of nothing but hopelessness. "That, my boy, no one really knows..." His son's blue eyes filled with determination and adventure.

"I'm going to find out what happened to it! I'll... I'll... Fight against whatever happened! You'll see!" 

The father frowned at this. "Are you sure?" His son puffed out his chest and nodded. The boy's dad laughed and patted his head. "Alright, Cory, whatever you say."

Part of him doubted his son would ever really accomplish this goal. Part of him actually wanted it to happen. But, he knew, oh he knew, that it wasn't possible, for the boy was cursed with one of the seven deadly sins.

Much like the rest of them.

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