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TenthHiddenHeart By TenthHiddenHeart Updated Feb 16, 2018

Sang's life has been hard. At three days old her birth mother died, leaving her in the Sorenson's 'care'. At the age of ten a kind police officer found out about the abuse, and next thing she knows, Sang had a new, kind mother. And now she's being sent to stay with some family friends she's never met. The Lees. Why you ask?

Her mother is dying.

Shortly after Sang's fourteenth birthday her adoptive mother, Wren Thorne, was diagnosed with stage two kidney cancer. One year later and it's only gotten worse. There isn't much chance of survival for Wren, so where does that leave Sang? Her nightmares are returning, the only person that truly showed her love dying, and now she's stuck living with strangers, what more could go wrong?

Enter the Blackbourne Team.