Red Dragon

Red Dragon

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Lucy is a student at Fairy Tail High School, where she learns magic and stuff. Natsu is a member (and sort of the leader) of the 'Red Dragon' Gang. What happens when Grey and Zeref captures Lucy and brings her to the camp?

(P.S Lisanna is a psycho obsessed with Natsu in this. She's like Ayano from Yandere Simulator who doesn't mind killing her rival. You have been warned.)

Art does not belong to me. Fairy Tail and it's characters belongs to Hiro Mashima.

(People are out of character. I don't know how Sting or Rogue acts, so... Also, people are still outta character. Cuz it's a different storyline and alll... soooo... Nevermind.)

This book and its contents belong to me, so please don't steal anything thank you.

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