why me? (BTS Jimin X reader)

why me? (BTS Jimin X reader)

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Author-Senpai By IrreleventARMYs Completed

Y/N was a new transfer student who had nothing but bad luck it seemed, but little did she know that a cute popular guy with a mysterious craving had developed a all too new feeling towards her, a crazy stalker was after her and two jealous girls are planning on making her life hell. how will this year in high school pan out for her. 

(P.S. this is my first fan fiction, non of the pictures are mine, please don't copy or take credit for this story, if anyone has a similar story I am sorry if it seems I copied you, one of these characters is also based off a person who I did have problems with in real life only her first name is the same, please no one take offense to the characters and their personalities it's not a personal vendetta against them they just happened to be the first thing that popped into my head)

enjoy!!! :)

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