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Who Am I

Who Am I

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Georgie By georgie-oso Updated Dec 31, 2010

There's many things you don't know about Rudsel Ackerson, and there's many things she doesn't know about herself. Rudsel's just a fourteen year old girls, trying to get through life smoothly and quickly as possible, but when her best friend is murdered it's a shock to her. To everyone it seemed like Rudsel was dealing with Anya's death better then themselves, but really on the inside she's breaking. The thing is Anya isn't dead. One day Rudsel comes home from school early to see her supposedly best friend in her bedroom. See others would be happy in that situation, but Rudsel is not even on the level of happiness. She's infuriated. She just couldn't understand anything that was happening to her. After Anya's sudden appearance everything goes down the drain after that.

This is a story about a girl coming to know herself as a person, her becoming more confident, experiencing love for the first time, and dealing with the normal High School drama.

Niobe_Timpani Niobe_Timpani May 05, 2010
DANNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I LOVVVEEEEEEEEEE   ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Well Done YOU!!! :D
Lindsay-M-Daughtry Lindsay-M-Daughtry Apr 29, 2010
Wow Intantse I love it Who killed Anya The Sister or the brother or someone else?
                              Ah your making my brain think!
kittykaye1 kittykaye1 Apr 29, 2010
keep going with this please. dont stop half way i like it. ( i say a little sadness in my tone)
anonymouswriter anonymouswriter Apr 28, 2010
I love deaths in stories. It brings a lot of life to it, contradictorily. Ahahaha.