*On Hold* Off To College We Go

*On Hold* Off To College We Go

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Magen4Raven By Magen4Raven Updated Jun 04, 2018

Two years Sang has been in college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was accepted into LSU a prestigious University in Veterinary Medicine. She loves her life here but feels as if she is just existing day to day. There has to be more to life than just school right?
Growing up she was never allowed friends and her family was very abusive to say in the least. Now she feels as though she has overcome her fears through therapy and she wants to go out and live a little. But how can this shy girl whom has no one begin to trust again?

Owen Blackbourne just received another assignment for his team. They recently completed a mission with the Toma Team and have decided to join the two together in hopes of gaining more favors. They are all graduated from The Academy and are looking to settle down in the near future. The Dean of LSU has contacted them concerning students going missing from his campus. They are all unattached females with no family to rely on. With no leads or information it is up to the guys to find out what's happening to these women. 
In their search for answers a certain blonde haired beauty stumbles into their life and things will never be the same again. 

The guys ages in this story. 
Axel, Raven, Marc, Corey, and Brandon- 24
Owen and Sean-22
North, Silas, Luke, Nathan-21
Kota, Gabriel, Victor-20 

**mature for language and maybe sexual content in future chapters
*I do not own any rights to any of the characters listed in the story. The plot is my own but it is based off of CL Stone's Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series. It is purely fan fiction. Please do not steal my original idea. Thank you.