Finding My Wanted in the Unknown

Finding My Wanted in the Unknown

30 Part Story 223K Reads 1.1K Votes
Ally By keal2008 Completed

This is the sequel to Wanted, Missing and Unknown. You should read it first because a lot of that character background comes from that book. You may be lost without it. 

Larissa and Eric are safe from Michael but are still running from Robert. Larissa and Eric have so much more to protect now that will it be possible for their new love to stay safe?

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Kandytiger Kandytiger Mar 21, 2013 03:19AM
Omg. I'm soo staying up to read this....or should I wait until I'm at school??? The complications....
Such a wonderful story. I would love to read more when you feel you want to post it up. It is so breathe taking I love it very much. You have a wonderful talent at writing
keal2008 keal2008 Oct 03, 2012 02:31PM
@kmariexxxx I'm glad your so excited about it one chapter in! I'm working on the next chapter now  :)
kmariexxxx kmariexxxx Oct 03, 2012 02:30PM
omg. Just WOW! so love this one as much as the 1st book. Please do finish it. Can't wait for the next chapter/book..
SarahEisenhuth SarahEisenhuth Sep 22, 2012 03:03PM
I love this book as much as the first. I can't wait until the next.
VallieFranz VallieFranz Aug 19, 2012 05:25PM
I loved this book so much! I read your book 1 and this sequel :) i just cant stop reading it ! Ty ! I cant wait for the next chapter xx you are awesome writer :) xx