Hunter: Begin Again

Hunter: Begin Again

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Jenni. By ellarose12 Completed

Vampires have Slayers.   
Werewolves have Trackers.   
Everything else has a Hunter.   


It's nearly been a year since Elise Bunting walked away from the life she never wanted to try and create one that she did. Only her past has finally caught up with her in the form of her brother, his best friend and the one guy who knows how to get under her skin unlike anyone else. No matter how hard you try to change yourself or your destiny, you can't fight it forever and Elise is in for another reminder on who she is as she gets ready to begin again.     

Problem is it's not just Elise who is making a return to the world she didn't want to be apart of. V aka Aaron - the vampire who escaped from the portal to the Other World, is planning his own comeback, and it involves Elise.     

Will she be able to work out his plan before it's too late or is she going to be forced to say goodbye to the people she loves again?  

PART 2 in the Hunter Series

contains swearing, violence, and some adult themes.
© 2014 ellarose12

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  • fantasy
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Beach_Bum13 Beach_Bum13 Feb 15, 2016
STORY TIME STORY TIME!!!!!! I'm SUPER excited about this, can you tell? 😘😍
alexandriann alexandriann May 28, 2015
Elise must go out with anyone EXCEPT Logan 
                              he's just being a prick now
ivyswolvespack ivyswolvespack Dec 08, 2014
I feel like that's an insult to burritos, what did they ever do to you
MicheleClarkSmith MicheleClarkSmith Jul 26, 2014
I hope Elise will come 2 her senses n 4 give Logan, I really want them 2 gether !
SapphireFire55 SapphireFire55 May 19, 2014
I'm imaging that CJ is choking on his burrito in laughter and not the way Logan wants him too.  Poor Logan, he has it bad for Elise.
FireFly24 FireFly24 Apr 23, 2014
Poor Logey...hung up on a girl who hates him...but again there's always that thin line between love and hate...he should really start to panic if she becomes indifferent