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Eleanor Snape- Book 1

Eleanor Snape- Book 1

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Brittany By elvissparrow Completed

Eleanor Snape has always been told she looks like her Uncle, Severus Snape, but, she has never meet him. This all changes when her father dies. The Ministry of Magic puts her in the hands of her Uncle, and finally she can attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, something her father had never let her do. Soon, she finds that love can be found in even the least expected places when Draco Malfoy befreinds her along with his gang of other Slytherins, the shy Vincent Crabbe, the fun loving Gregory Goyle, and the abnoxious Pansy Parkison. 
Her life goes pretty smothly, with the exeption of remedial potions, until the murderer Sirius Black breaks into the school, making a flood of horrid nightmares take over her life. Complications continue as she finds that Draco's mother dearest hates her, she is punished by being forced to play piono for the Hogwarts Chorus, and Sarah Beth Cumberland, the neice of Ministry member Dolores Jane Umbridge, makes the goal to make Eleanors life as bad as she can. Throughout the year, Eleanor keeps asking the same question: Will things ever get better?

fariedaniels fariedaniels Dec 09, 2015
Amazing chapter:) so excited to keep reading I barely wanna finish this-
its_rayneing its_rayneing Jan 15, 2015
That's exactly what I would do!  except their would be no coffee table involved!  I trip a lot....
HannahCrompton HannahCrompton Feb 19, 2012
Fabulous Darling, anything to do with Snape is fab! and i love how they're all like nieces of characters and stuff ;p
HollyHammerHagelin HollyHammerHagelin Feb 03, 2012
As much as I LOVE Severus, and have fanatsies about shagging him senseless, I don't think he's the "Positions" professor, dear . . . POTIONS. . .HE!HE!HE!
                              This is gonna be a fun read, I'm sitting here with a smile on my face and must stop typing so I can continue!
natureboy11 natureboy11 Jul 11, 2011
True. But, I want my to be that popular, how'd you do it? I'm starting think mines rubbish, is it?
elvissparrow elvissparrow Jul 10, 2011
@natureboy11 Because I'm a good writer (can't say a good speller). and I have great ideas :)