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Captured (BoyxBoy)

Captured (BoyxBoy)

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Sadistic_Panda By Sadistic_Panda Updated Oct 02, 2016

Jamie is only sixteen years old. He is small compared to all of his brothers. He had always been weaker than others, sicker. His own family treated him like shit art the bottom of they're shoes because if it. But one day, things take a turn for the worse, or maybe not.
What ever you want to call it: Jamie was captured. By who? How would I know? 
What 'fun' things does his kidnapper has in store for them? What happens when little Jamie's kidnapper swears to love him forever? What if this kidnapper is more than just a crazy, obsessed weirdo, but someone... something little Jamie never knew existed? 
Will Jamie love him back? Can he love him back? And will he have to give up his own sanity to be with this strangely handsome stranger of a man that claims they're meant to be together? 
Read to find out ;)

{Eventual Major Paranormal Action Ahead<You know I had to>}

Emobun Emobun Jun 09
I have a giant unicorn plush and day of the dead plush I sleep with
KatherineZyxaliath KatherineZyxaliath Sep 06, 2016
Huh the only ever besides horror movies scare me this much...
                              The image is so clear... >_<
AnnaBindi AnnaBindi Jan 31, 2016
tbh I never cry when reading like sad story's on wattpad but this brought tears to my eyes from the first line. I love it
Keeper_Of_The_Cats Keeper_Of_The_Cats Oct 07, 2016
That be impossible because a 7 minute mile is hard to do and to do a 4 minute mile is damn-near impossible lmao.
filedescriptor66 filedescriptor66 Apr 08, 2016
Love this beginning!  Just wanted to mention, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to run five miles in 20 minutes, let alone speed-walk it when you're malnourished and dehydrated.
ThatRandom3 ThatRandom3 Feb 12, 2016
*cracks knuckles* right, JAMES, you and I need to have a little 'talk'... 😤😈