A Cinderella Klaine Story

A Cinderella Klaine Story

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Patteh ^-^ By PatriciaEstavillo Updated Mar 20, 2014

Ten year old Kurt Hummel lives in Lima,Ohio with her father,Burt Hummel who runs a popular sport theme diner.

His father soon marries vain,self-absorbed woman named Carole.
After an earthquake,Burt is killed when he tried to save Carole.
Supposedly he has left no will,so Carole receives all of his belongings,including the house,the diner and to her dismay,Kurt.

Eight years later,eighteen year old gay kurt is employed to work in a diner to save money for Princeton.

Blaine Anderson is the popular yet unhappy quarterback of the football team and the boyfriend of Sebastian Smythe,head of the Cheerios and the so called queen bee of the school.

They were both living a lonely life but when they met online..Their lives changed for the better