Magic in the Air: The Turbine and the Sprite

Magic in the Air: The Turbine and the Sprite

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Nick "NSC Zach" Zacharewicz By NSC_Zach Completed

In a world where life as everyone knows it relies on multi-generational relationships between humans and the magical beings known as sprites, new technology promises to bring about dangerous change. 

When representatives from the magic regulation guild in the far off city of Hemmark come to the farming town of Selene to set up a new magic-gathering turbine, the town is divided. Some believe the guild's promises of an easier life for everyone. Others, however, think that the guild's turbine will destroy the countryside and leave them all at the guild's mercy. But no one is certain enough to do anything.

Except for Dean Greenthumb. 

Faced with the threat of the guild's turbine and the destruction of his dreams of adventure, Dean strives to uncover the sinister truth behind the guild's turbine -- and to fight back. 

Joined by his sister Agnes and their family's centuries-old sprite Artemis, the three of them work to keep the countryside's magic in the air.