L'Ange de la Mort: The Art of Revolution ✓

L'Ange de la Mort: The Art of Revolution ✓

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{••Wattys 2018 Winner/Completed••} Versailles, France 1787: Where the only things more prevalent than opulence and wealth, are secrets.

After the gruesome death of his older sister, the young French courtier, Gabriel Mathieu de la Marche, swears to save his surviving little sister from the same life of corruption and deceit. And during one fateful rain-drenched night on the streets of Paris, his answer comes in the form of an organization of assassins bent on bringing the French Court to its knees....

Told from the perspectives of a young man fighting to protect people he loves, the French Court's seemingly perfect golden boy, an English courtier with a deadly secret of her own, and a wild female assassin with a thirst for blood, this is the story of romance, passion, betrayal, and one too many glasses of champagne under the sparkling chandeliers of Versailles. 

Vive la France!

• Wattys 2018 Winner - The Contemporaries
• Previously featured Wattpad Pick - Hot Off the Press
• Currently featured on the Historical Fiction profile under Revolution & Rebellion
• Nominated for best historical fiction story in The Fiction Awards 2018.

Awards won: 
• Winner of the best action story in The Reader's Choice Awards 2018
• Action genre winner - Earnesty Writer's Awards 2018
• Winner - The Ruby Awards 2018
• First place historical fiction - The Golden Awards 2018
• First place historical fiction - Free For All Awards 
• First place historical fiction - The Chaos Awards 5
• First place action/adventure - Cognition Awards
• First place action/adventure - The Blossom Awards
• First place action/adventure - Dog Summer Awards 2018

stunning cover by wanderess_4!

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EvelynHail EvelynHail 7 days ago
Excellent stylistic choice here "matter of heartbeats" instead of "matter of minutes/seconds." It's a lot more memorable and visceral.
Maphiko Maphiko Oct 13
Don't get a big head, but that was easily the most well written chapter I've read on this site. I'm going to finish reading this and I'll probably give more detailed feedback after, but damn. That was good. Keep working hard.
So, this is my first time reading this book... and as I scroll down the page, it starts with a bang. The way you describe the action that happens in it—it's amazing. I know I'm gonna have a damn good time reading this..
NovelistRica NovelistRica 5 days ago
You are amazing at describing things and putting them in a unique way. That’s the only thing that I need to work more on my writing
EvelynHail EvelynHail 7 days ago
A beautiful way to describe a sunset, and quite original, "a sliver of fire against the navy sky."
EvelynHail EvelynHail Oct 13
This leads me to believe Gabriel is stalking his prey. However, I wonder who told him to murder this man only and whether he belongs to a bigger organization such as Assassins Guild or similar.