Settle Down (Matt Espinosa)

Settle Down (Matt Espinosa)

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"For crying out loud, settle down. You know I can't be found with you." - The 1975, Settle Down 

(2018 disclaimer.... I wrote this when I was 14 years old. It is cliche, cringe-y, and not written to my current standards. I will probably not get around to fixing that- that being said, enjoy!)
 Matthew Espinosa.
The famous viner. Cocky, arrogant, but can put on a hell of a show for his fans. What happens when his attitude lands him across the country, living with his mother's best friend, and her daughter?

Madison Bell.
Average girl, average looks, average friends and an interesting way of going about things. She wasn't a geek, or super popular. She's one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, or one of the most vicious. Depends on how you play your cards.    When Matt is thrown into this seemingly perfect family, does he shape up or continue with his old ways? What happens when Madi tries to get to know who the real Matthew Espinosa is? Will she discover a new friend, or will she unleash a monster?

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kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Jun 12, 2017
i'm reading this book for like the thousandth time and never noticed this but dude, cali is a state 😂
lividdawson lividdawson Mar 27, 2017
xoxtrinn xoxtrinn Dec 29, 2017
this has been in my library for the longest and im finally reading it yeee
- - Nov 12, 2017
Fix your attitude  I just wrote what everyone was thinking I stile Love My Matt tho😇
okkseb okkseb Apr 05, 2016
I like this and I just started reading... but in real life, honestly, Matt is that adorable, sweet guy. Js.
- - May 22, 2016
As much as I love you Matt, I really want to yell at you right now