Save Me *Rick Grimes*

Save Me *Rick Grimes*

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"You never had to save me. You could have easily left me for dead, just like all the other groups I was with before. But you didn't."

Chicago is no hero. She's just another victim of the new world, relying on hope and the good of others to get her through another day. When her path crosses with Rick Grimes, she discovers more about herself than she ever knew. And when the world fights to strip her of everything that keeps her sane, she learns to push back in order to become stronger than ever.

--Note: Chicago, other characters, and this story are my own creation--please do not steal them. However, I do not own the Walking Dead.

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NevLleh NevLleh Jun 11
So the character name is Chicago? Cool! I live in Chicago and at first I thought that you were talking about the city lol
jhlee12 jhlee12 Jun 24
It took me longer than it should have to realise Chicago was a person not a place
- - Jul 08, 2015
So is your character Asian because if the character is Glenn's sister is she Asian???
AshtonBabcock AshtonBabcock Mar 05, 2015
Wait. I thought Glenn had like six sisters?? 
                              Anyway. I can't wait to read this story!!