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Magnolia Parks, the girl who has everything. A family who loves her, anything she wanted. But when something horrible happens, she has to leave everything she loved. To protect them. She has a secret. A dark one, that could kill her. She knows who they are, what they are, and how to spot one. What happens when her darkest fears come true, and she ends up having to lay everything on the table, Choose her cards and play them carefully.
"Sometimes, you have to face your demons to be set free."--
His name is Damien Mist, Alpha of Feu Pack. He never thought he would find his mate, after 27 years he gave up hope and stayed in misery of his half-soul. Not full, and to him, never would be. Then suddenly, he meets a very interesting girl at his club, which was a little bit...kinky. He knew she was his mate, his dominance and control forced her to come with him. But what happens with this mysterious girl with a foggy past. She knows him. Who he is, on the inside. A beast.
"Dont play with fire, you'll get burned."


  • bdsm
  • sexualcontent
  • supernatural
  • werewolf

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