I'm Helpless (Janthony)

I'm Helpless (Janthony)

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Smokin or Nonsmokin? By HamiltonWarriorCats1 Updated Oct 23, 2018

He makes her feel like a princess. She makes him feel lovestruck. He makes him feel encouraged. She makes her feel motivated. They urge him towards her. They urge her towards him.

Note: It may seem super sucky towards the beginning, but I promise it'll get better.

**Disclaimer: I tried to make it as accurate as i could, but for action's sake I added in a few things that (hopefully) didn't happen. But if they did happen, though, the people who caused them,


But anyways, I also tried not to center it too much around Jazzy and Anthony, because, well, that's just not how life works, and have you seen those other stories?

I hope you enjoy this story between two of our favorite Hamilton cinnamon-rolls!

**Hamilton does not belong to me, but it belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda.
**The fanart in the cover does not belong to me, but I did design the cover.
**And yes, the name at the bottom no longer corresponds to my username.

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nessa_peachess nessa_peachess Jun 07, 2018
This is what I tell my mom when she’s like “Get off your phone”
JohnLaurens4life JohnLaurens4life Jul 24, 2018
I can't pronounce his name either, so.. 
                              that's true!
                              1780 a winter's ball and th- okay I'LL LEAVE NOW
JohnLaurens4life JohnLaurens4life Jul 24, 2018
Well, Lin, you wrote it, so it's your fault if it's uncomfortable
This is one of the first Janthony fanfics I’ve read where jasmine doesn’t have an abusive ex boyfriend