He's Out There Alec

He's Out There Alec

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Charlie-Cecilia By Charlie-Cecilia Updated Jun 01

When Jace proposes to Simon Alec is heartbroken as he was in love with Jace. Izzy wants to help Alec move on by dragging him out to a night of haaave you met Alec? Alec thinks he can never move on, but that changes when he meets Magnus Bane.

Izzy has only ever been interested in flings and one night stands, but when Simon brings Clary into the group Izzy finds herself questioning her beliefs about love.

Jace and Simon go through the stresses and joys of being engaged.

Meanwhile Alec's abusive ex Jonathan wants Alec back and will do anything to get Alec.

I have also posted this on archive of our own, here's the link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/13266546/chapters/30352818

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