Walk The Line

Walk The Line

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Z.W. Taylor By ZeroWineThirty Completed


When strange events start happening on the pack line, Levi Alexander Thorne is eager to prove to his father Luca, alpha of the Tikanni pack, that he can handle it. But what Levi didn't expect, was to run into Eve Everette, youngest daughter of Emmett Everette the alpha of the Mangata pack and enemy of his father's. The two packs have not intermingled in years, most people call wolves from Mangata "ghosts" because they are rarely seen and if there's one thing that every Tikanni wolf knows, it's not to walk that line. 

But Levi doesn't give a damn. He has a job to do, ghost wolves or not. However Eve is certainly not a ghost, if anything, she's a vision of bright flaming red hair who happens to be his mate. 

He's an arrogant male, and she's a stubborn female--both of them from the wrong side of the pack line. But the moon has her reason and her will. Levi is not about to let Eve walk away from him, but Eve isn't just going to simply walk over the line. When there's a fine line between love and annoyed as hell, both of them learn that love demands more than compromise. Until one of them bends, they both will have to walk a dangerous line. 

This prequel to The Bite, will feature some of your favorite characters and add a few new ones! Follow Levi with his favorite shadow, also known as his younger brother Lander "The Love Doctor," Eve and her older brother who she wishes wasn't right all the time, the always wise and graceful Claire, David and his almost best friend Billy, and a few fun vampires that really only like to cause the right amount of trouble mixed with fun. 

***You do not need to read The Bite to enjoy this! However, if you want to read the story first, then you'll definitely love what I have in store for you! So make sure this is added to your libraries so you get the updates***