Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet

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KayyLoveeee By KayyLoveeee Updated Oct 05, 2014

Julia Blackwell is a twenty four year old high school teacher. She just relocated in Atlanta, Georgia for a job opportunity. She left her family in Biloxi, Mississippi for this job. Its a new environment for her, but she will eventually get used to it.

Quincy Davis is a senior in high school. He makes bad grades, skip classes, and he always gets into fights. He has sex with girls almost everyday. He's willing to change, but he's never found that person who has patience and doesn't yell at him all the damn time.

What will happen when these two meet? Read and you'll find out.

cookiebae12 cookiebae12 Aug 16, 2017
At my school teachers aren't allowed to di that so if she did that at my school then😇😇lil ole me could report her😊 no biggie
sajshaco1 sajshaco1 Aug 07, 2017
Aye that scene remind me of "the freedom writers" with the notebook thing
Azunaka-chan Azunaka-chan Jul 01, 2017
                              Once my math teacher told me to sit my brown ass down
cookiebae12 cookiebae12 Aug 16, 2017
These is red bottoms these is bloody shoes... #bardigang 😝😝😝
apeezy123 apeezy123 Jul 06, 2016
Thats why I dont pass notes. I text. If they catch me I turn that bih off so they cant get into it 😭😭
_Lilyungin_ _Lilyungin_ Jun 04, 2016
They do that at my school all the time 😹😹😹😹😹🍑🍑🍑