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Starring role (Jerrie)

Starring role (Jerrie)

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LMand1Dlover By LMand1Dlover Completed

Jade releases a bitter chuckle, like it was an inside joke, her muscles seeming to go limp as she forgets fighting, it's useless. "It's hard to feel anything when you've become this numb." She mutters, the feeling of tears stinging her eyes and threaten to pour down like a river, but she bites them back. Perrie's mouth goes slack, lightening her touch a bit and managing to step forward so her and the brunette were nearly sharing the same oxygen, passing it back and forth. "What are you talking about?" she asks like she isn't the cause of everything.   "You! I'm taking about you! I'm sick of trying to patiently wait and act like you'll ever actually be mine. That you'll stop treating me like a game. Like you'll actually open up to me and tell me what you feel. But you don't like me, big fucking deal!" Jade spits back the words are venom dripping down her throat slowly, killing her off painfully. "I'm sick of pretending to be all right. I'm sick of you toying with my heart. I can't do this anymore, Perrie. I'm done with this. Whatever this actually is." The tears are now prominent against her cheekbones as she spoke, well, yelled them at the blonde, who only stared back at her blankly. Like she had no idea how she flipped the girls world around.   "Jade," her voice is cracking, nearly losing all sanity and self control as she's railing Jade's body into hers, like trying to convince her that everything is alright. Like everything could be glued together like shattered pieces. "Don't go. Please don't go." She whispers desperatly, breaking as she feels the brunette grip her shoulder roughly, nails slicing through her shirt and digging into the skin beneath it.   The tears finally flowing as Jade desperately tries to fight her way back out of Perrie's body. Read the first chapter for more :)

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