Soulmates | Kim Taehyung x reader <recently updated>

Soulmates | Kim Taehyung x reader <recently updated>

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Don't be a shy reader! I'd love to meet new and senior ARMYs. 

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Soulmates - Taehyung x reader (slight reader x oc)

•in this world, you have a soulmate•

Taehyung was walking down the street, in LA. He locked eyes with a beautiful woman, instantly felt a connection, that is he felt his neck burn, he tried to speak English, he spoke in broken English.

"H-hi, I'm Kim Taehyung,"

"Hi, I'm y/n l/n...."

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This story is unedited, the description will/might change, if you have read this from the beginning, this will/might change.

soulmates au 

may have some "supernatural" stuff happen. like powers and stuff. 

all credits to me, Luna, wanna see more? More stories to come later on, 

may have shameless self promo. not ashamed

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