Your Typ!cal Story. ( On A Long Hiatus)

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Farha By summerlover Updated 5 years ago
Ashley Simmons, smart, independent, talented, beautiful...and a total bitch with good intentions. Born in New York with dreams of becoming a musician, Ashley moves to California. There she will be attending an Art Academy for she loves to sing, dance and just be Ashley. But what she does not know is that her little cocoon will soon crack and she is in for a crazy ride that will change everything..forever.
    Jason Rodman, the infamous playboy who lived in California his entire life. Girls are like everyday accessories to him. he is everything a person would want to be. Rich, handsome, talented but that's something nobody sees. He will be attending IAAC, an Art Academy to be..a professional...dancer. thinking it will be just as high school, Jason's life will take a turn to the wild side..just when he meets...her.
haha wow the first part got me hooked since ive always said i dislike labeling to and i dont think myself as in any of this cliques so yeah got me hooked loving it since i also want to make it big .. though in fashion design...and yeah my dream is either NYC or LA...
This is so spunky and filled with bubbly wonderful personality. I am straight loving this! just watch that spelling and grammar and your good!
this is really good!  really good description and storyline.  :)
its good. my only complaint? no more of these   .............
                                    one will do and add some of these , now and then instead :D
I like it! :) You explained your main character very well. :D Keep it up! :D
I like it! Although it sounds alot like myself but its really great, i'd love to read the rest of it. Keep on writing!