Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

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When her best friend died, Alexandra Black was broken. She never wanted her best friend to commit suicide over a bad boy. So, Alexandra Black took revenge on the bad boy, by making him fall for her.

Little did she know, that it wasn't the bad boy's fault that her best friend died. Alexandra only knew half of the story.

When a terrible incident happened, which caused Alexandra Black to move away, she met another green eyed bad boy who made her question all her believes.

She, along the bad boy figured out how her best friend died.

Now now, this isn't the cliché story where the bad boy meets the good girl and they fall in love. 

This is Alexandra Black's story about how she took justice for her dead best friend, while falling in love with the green eyed bad boy all the way.

This is the story of the bad boy's Girl Next Door. 


"You think I'm ugly?" Cole asked, faking disbelief.

"Now now, don't think of yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey." I said, smirking at him.

Cole's green eyes sparkled.

"I knew you were attract--wait, did you just call me a monkey?" He asked, this time really in disbelieve.


"I'm not the girl next door, I'm the bitch across the road."

Take your inner Nancy Drew with you, as you follow Alexandra through all of the ups and downs, while trying to seek for the truth.




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