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Markiplier x reader

Markiplier x reader

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Liam By AstronautTurtle Completed


MiseryBanshee MiseryBanshee Dec 31, 2016
I do NOT sing off key I NEVER SING OFF KEY 
                              I AM SPOT ON GOSH DANGIT
This person is legitimately me.
                              When I saw Todd my mind was like SWEEEEEENEY TOOOOOOOODD
LizzieBeth28 LizzieBeth28 Aug 29, 2016
This seems like a super awsome story but at the park part i kinda lost the storyline....because it's all written togheter.
- - Dec 17, 2016
Wow, It's like I'm having my 'dating a famous guy' dream come true! (Throws self out of window in shame of not going out and getting a real boyfriend)
This made me love mark 1000000000 times more than I did thank you for making this
septipliershipper37 septipliershipper37 Jun 14, 2016
I talk to my self in real mom said I have to stop bc it makes me look crazy.........and I'm like but I AM!!!