The Choice of Aurvandil ✓

The Choice of Aurvandil ✓

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Enna L. Foxwood By TheTigerWriter Completed

[completed] A blue anthropomorphic cat race called Kathula live under the oppression of their long-time enemies--the Edglings. Despite the oppression, Kathula live in peace. In one clan, the clan leader's daughter, Pinti, understands the Edglings are part of the norm and enjoys playing with her sister in the forest.

Yet, her peaceful life ends abruptly when her entire clan is killed by the Edglings. Amidst confusion and chaos, Pinti becomes the sole survivor. Although she finds others of her race, her heart never truly heals.

Four years later, with a heart of stone, Pinti meets another of her kind searching for an ancient relic that is powerful enough to destroy the Edglings. She wants to use this to avenge her clan and lift the curse she believes she has. Yet, the Edglings are also after the relic to destroy all other races. With the enemy on her tail and discrimination around her, Pinti sets out on an adventure that will unveil the secrets of her race and more. Nothing will stop her, except herself.

~~Covers by Me~~

Part One: Heart of Shadow (status: COMPLETED)
Part Two: Soul of Moonlight (status: COMPLETED)

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Awards (2018):
Third Place in Fantasy - Blue Rose Awards (Summer 2018)
Honourable Mention in Fantasy - The Victory Awards 2018
Awards (2019):
Most Interesting Plot Winner in Fantasy - The 2019 Futhark Awards
Runner Up in Action/Adventure - The Elite Awards
Second place in Fantasy - The Summer Awards 2019
First place in Action/Adventure - Melodramatic Awards 2019