Rogue's Secret Mate

Rogue's Secret Mate

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piss off By QueenAmity97 Updated Apr 08


No one knows who,

All they know was that a young man stumbled upon their pack, with a mute kid, pregnant and beaten. Words were not his cup of tea but fragility was his middle name. They took them in, cared for them and accepted them.

One thing though, who was the father of the unborn child?

It shouldn't be a mystery for everybody but if the said young man wouldn't utter a single word as if his life depended on it, then expect for the suspicions to rise.

He's hiding something and everyone was so keen on finding it.

But for the young man's defense, he made a promise and that's all that matter even if he's mentally fucked up.

After all he just have to keep up in his white lies.

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