Lose Myself

Lose Myself

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mcmxcni By mcmxcni Updated Sep 25

The hot sun blared down on my body as I pulled my shades sitting on top of my head down over my eyes. I was standing on the drivers side of my moms truck trying not to have a breakdown from the separation that was soon to come.

Today was the first day of the rest of my life and of my future. I was starting college at Westbrook College For Women, located in a small city called Westbrook, South Carolina. It was a fifteen minute drive from the Georgia state border and about ten hours from my hometown of Philadelphia.

I was forced to come here because my mom felt that I could better myself and be the first person in my family to actually finish school. I wanted to do all of that but on my own time. After graduating high school I wanted to take a year off and then enroll in college.

Not to mention, she thought that I could find a nice respectable southern boyfriend, and drop the country thug that I was with already. I wasn't having it. This heat was killing me and I missed Philly already...

Swain? 🤔 A girl down the street from me has the same name.
About to read this for the second time. This book is amazing ✨
This is ironic cause I have a cousin name Siani who moved from philly to South Carolina to finish high school with us
now I'm mad, you don't get it do you? this is childish Gina 😂😂😂 sorry I was literally just watching Martin
frodazy frodazy Aug 16, 2015
My names Nakiya and people always pronounced it Nakeya.... Ugh
AstralSkies AstralSkies May 10, 2015
I hope she isn't going to be spoiled and bratty like Britni...