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Emily By caramelapplee Updated Jun 10, 2011

Eve Rose doesn't believe in ghosts. She despises the theory actually, wanting everyone to acknowledge that if there was no proof, then ghosts didn't actually exists. But her belief won't stay like this for long.
   A near fatal car accident starts to make her wonder if what she believes is actually true, if they don't exist. 
   And then she meets Adam. He's mysterious and strange, appearing out of nowhere at the least desirable times. There's something about him that allures her every time that he's in her prescience, but Eve's wary. There's something strange about him. Something not normal.
   Everything changes when she realizes ghosts do exist. They're very real, and hypothetically, alive, walking the Earth in their spirit forms. But the worse part is they hate her. They loathe her. Hate her so much, that they only have one thing in mind.
   They want her dead.

GlendaMcneal GlendaMcneal Jun 11, 2011
not much to it yet, great beginning but. .......u lose interest in a book when there's such a long pause till the next chapter
xBookBirdx xBookBirdx Feb 21, 2011
this sounds like a really awesome idea for a story, i like it
                              plz continue
Akamekraze Akamekraze Feb 21, 2011
unbelieving their existence sounds awkward. but the story sounds interesting!
luvluver luvluver Feb 21, 2011
im uber excited to read the rest! upload soon! AND OMG! ALEX PETTYFER as adam gray! i dont know who adam gray is, yet..but still! ALEXY PETTYFER! <3
Benture Benture Feb 20, 2011
UPLOAD ASAP!!!!!! Also- would she be depressed, missing her family, as a ghost, and do ghosts live alongside humans, only invisible?
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 Feb 20, 2011
I don't like ghost stories. In this case, literally. But for a paranormal, it sounfpds pretty good, though I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna read it. :)