When Sam meets a boy on a subway, she never thought anything of it. Until he starts appearing in the most unlikely of places. Literally.
Oh my God, I read this like a thousand years ago! I'm so glad I found it. I'm gonna read it again even though I remember every word.
Please make a second book to this its killing me slowly❤️ I've read this book a good 12 times. Seriously my favorite book ever
This book was lovely! I read it before I made an account and now that I have one, I just had to comment and let you know that this was a really good book.
Honestly, your title just brings everyone gravitating towards your book in itself without the help of any beautification paragraphs.
This is definitely a must-read for anybody who's looking for a good book!
I've been searching for this book for months, read it a bit back and forgot it's name somehow, absolutely love this book and I'm so glad I've found it again, a must read and one hell of a page turner!