The Lonely Ones ( Cashton)

The Lonely Ones ( Cashton)

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Ashton Irwin. 18. The loner. Never talks. Never smiles. Never does anything but listen. He is always alone. Has been since he was born and his parents left him with his 48 year old Grandma. All his classmates think he likes to be alone, but inside he's dying for someone to notice him. Just one person to be his friend. To care if one night he were to kill himself.

      Calum Hood. 18. The nerd. All he ever does is read and write. He hardly ever even looks up. He wasn't always like this though. He changed when his Mum married a man named Peter and Peter started to abuse Calum. That was fifth grade. Now he's in his last year of high school. Other students think he wants good grades or has some disorder. But no. He only reads and writes so he can escape the world he lives in. Just waiting for someone to notice his pain.

    When Calum and Ashton have been paired up to do a school project together will they find the answers to their problems or will heaven gain two more beautiful angels?

Same my seat is #6 and I sit there every morning if some one gets it in the afternoon I will litterally push them off IDC I practically own that seat
Literally me including the colour of the bus and the seat like no joke
hello5SOS07 hello5SOS07 Jun 13
I'm considered a "nerd" and I only have glasses for reading and they're actually cute, I get told I look good with them on. And my skin is actually really good except my chin gets a few pimples around that time of month.
clxssyfxxtxrtle clxssyfxxtxrtle Nov 30, 2015
I'm a nerd, my glasses are actually cute and I dont really have acne that bad. Also I have blue (soon to be purple) hair.
Rose747 Rose747 Nov 14, 2015
Aw so close i sit in the second seat because that's the wheel seat so people are less likely to sit by you XD