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Anushka By anuspandana Updated Dec 09, 2018

"O courageous one , a day will come when the whole world will bow infront of you.They all will remember you for ages to come. You will be worshipped by all.Your kindness and intelligence will be preached for centuries.Till the doomsday you will be in the hearts of people.Your name will be written in golden letters in history.....and your name is Andressa- one who is brave and courageous."

Meet Andressa 
A great warrior.She is intelligent,kind and brave. But she is cold. She doesn't have any other  emotions except for seriousness and anger.She has been moulded like this for a greater purpose for which she had started preparation from the age of 5.

Meet Andrew.
A prince. He is good-looking but overconfident . He is carefree and enjoys life.But he is serious for only one MISSION and for this he can cross any limit.

What is the mission? What will happen when they both will meet? Will they help each other...or use each other .