Melodies✧ Stiles Stilinski

Melodies✧ Stiles Stilinski

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your sugar daddy By whoeres Completed

"A strong connection, an emotional tether."

      BOOK ONE: Melody Martin has been in a few strange occurrences with the infamous Derek Hale at weird times. She deals with having to be with him at times that she thinks is unnecessary and totally uncalled for, especially since she doesn't know him. And after an infamous trip to the video store, her whole life starts to change for the worse. When she starts to get involved with Stiles and Scott, she has no idea of what's ahead of her. 

Stiles has been in love her for as long as he can remember, and Derek has been in more encounters with her than he has in his whole life. But can Stiles make Melody fall for him? Or will he have to wait for the one that he has longed for even longer than his original ten year plan?

©whoeres 2014

kamalakhans kamalakhans Feb 14
Omg if anyone watches Shane Dawson conspiracy theories maybe she is a lizard person😂😂 that is so dumb
Lmao football at my school should be a joke but it's the most popular sport they all are terrible I'm 18 btw
Hunters-BBY Hunters-BBY Jan 25
Her name is actually Harley, it says it on the Wikipedia page for her character. She was originally supposed to be part of the pack, but then she got written out of the show. (I'm not trying to correct you, I'm just letting everyone know)
I'd rather it be one direction. Because seriously, who can resist louis freaking Tomlinson
I'm thinking of that candy review guy "rattatat tat rat tat tat tat"