I been teloported into a world determined by power level

I been teloported into a world determined by power level

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ENE!!! By Enejiang Updated 6 days ago

This book consists of 70% dead memes and 30% plot. 

And you must be high to actually like the book Hehe xd

Highest rank in Fantasy #134 (2018/04/24)
Highest rank in Light novel #5 (2018/08/01)
Highest rank in Weeb #1 (2018/05/17)

Once again another big shout out to @creaking_shadow for making this next level awesome cover! (╯✧▽✧)╯ 

Disclaimer: I do not own the media, all credits go to original creators. And the organisations, settings, characters, are purely fictional and do not represent any real life religion or organisation, or groups.

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ProofreadingReader14 ProofreadingReader14 Nov 25, 2018
*the ground
                              *etching in the stone
                              Another two mistakes. In one line, again.
                              This book is really gonna be a handful.
NormieMemesDeadMemes NormieMemesDeadMemes Nov 25, 2018
He's probably stuck in Bronze...
                              *Faint sound of Crawling by Linkin Park*
wonderful-world143 wonderful-world143 Dec 19, 2018
I would find something and fight and run to a portal back home.
xxxHRxxx xxxHRxxx Dec 14, 2018
I would feel:
                              I'm out. All I need is my wifi and my blanket. CYA PEEPS
ProofreadingReader14 ProofreadingReader14 Nov 25, 2018
                              *as a female announcer
                              Two mistakes. One line.
                              I can tell this book will be a handful.
transformer into a potato or get a twig out of nowhere orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get a snicker bar and say ur not u when u r hungry and walk out like boss