Doing It My Way ✓

Doing It My Way ✓

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"Anyway, why would I be scared of Jessica? She's just another bimbo who thinks she's all that." I stated, but Hannah and Ava weren't listening. They were staring with wide eyes at something behind me.
      "So I see you have been talking about me, Williams." A very familiar voice spat, making me turn around to meet her icy glare.
      "Is that a problem, Adams?" I replied, getting ready to hand over my crutches and fight if I had to.
      "Yes," She started, stepping forward. "Because I really hate it when people talk about me without me knowing, especially when they call me names." She said. 
      I didn't flinch.
      "I'm going to do something." I told Ava. She looked at me with wide eyes and shook her head vigorously.
      "Don't Unique. Jessica is really good at making people's lives miserable. You could be next on her list. I'm sure Hannah will be fine." She said. I rolled my eyes.
      "Jessica is a human being, just like us. She can't do any harm, right?" I said, then without waiting for a reply, I walked to Jessica and Hannah.
      As you can see, Unique Williams isn't your typical good-two shoes. She does things how she wants, when she wants.
      Her own way.
      So moving to a strict new boarding school called Star Academy because of her behaviour isn't really want she wanted. Especially since the school is mostly filled with rich, snobby kids.
      So, she acts even worse than before. 
      Rules don't exist in her life, meaning detentions, new enemies, and sass like you've never seen before. She even meets the mysterious Nathan Mont.
      But it's all good, as long if she's doing it her way, right?

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