Stardust House: 1st Year Spring

Stardust House: 1st Year Spring

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Adri Mars By AdriCULOUS Updated Sep 20, 2012

After the death of her mother, fifteen-year-old Kairi Irie returns to the city after living in a remote countryside village for seven years to join her father and brother and to begin the new chapter of her teenage life at a prestigious high school. What she discovers is that her palatial residence, named Stardust House, has become a tenant house for a select number of teen idols (in training?) under her father's showbiz talent agency, StarPros. In addition, these particular teen idols were childhood friends and former members of her old neighborhood Little League baseball team.
Through her new life, Kairi continues to "spiritually" communicate with her mother while she copes with everyday life most (okay, maybe just a few) Japanese teens go through, most especially a newly-discovered love of a childhood friend who gave her something unforgettable (not to mention non-removable) to remember by before she left.

How will Kairi survive high school while dealing with her showbiz-involved family, meeting new friends and recovering old ones while also making enemies all at once, an upcoming movie project involving the popular tenants with a title similar to her home and a storyline similar to her current real life, and even her brand-new homeroom teacher who resembles her late mother all at once? Let's all journey along with Kairi from her words... and other people's words as well.


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