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The Wolf's Cave

The Wolf's Cave

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Blu_Butterfli By Blu_Butterfli Completed

Leif Austin Jones and his twin brother Liam Texas Jones were left on the door step of a local orphanage seventeen years ago. Little did they know they were left in the middle of Harrington pack territory. The only two humans to ever live in the little town. Kingston Carter Herrington is the soon to be Alpha of the Herrington pack. He is heading back home after being sent away eight years ago to be trained to be Alpha. He is also coming home to run the family business The Wolf Cave Hotel and Spa. He is hoping to find his beautiful mate once he is home. He is hoping it will be the girl he has been crushing on since he was a pup. Clover Jackson. Clover is Leif's best friend and helps him care for his twin brother Liam who is a bit slower then others in some departments. Leif loves him and is highly protective over him.

Extraordinarly_Weird Extraordinarly_Weird Jul 09, 2016
We all have had that dream whether you are straight or not lol
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Jan 04
I call my teachers Miss N sir because I'm not bothered to remember their names
Amnesia2015 Amnesia2015 7 days ago
Looks like they never really tried to hide the fact their wolves. How is possible not to know when the term "runt" is used?
ShinoTheShadowShinx ShinoTheShadowShinx Sep 26, 2016
I'll only be commenting on grammar if I see the same mistake over 50 times, (not a literal count but you can get what I'm saying from the number) so you won't have to worry about that from me! Can't wait to read!
Ttbubblesxox Ttbubblesxox Nov 11, 2016
My first attraction to this book was the name Leif. It's seriously my fav,
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Aug 14, 2016
I know this sounds pretty racist but I mean no affence to any one but are they aison?