Me And Him, What Was I Thinking

Me And Him, What Was I Thinking

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Casey By Infinity__n__Forever Completed

When Ethan and and I start to get close its not a good thing. He cheats, fight, and one more thing he is a bad boy. It will be a dangerous love.

Meet Madison Trent. She a good girl and is best friends with the sisters of the bad boy. 

Meet Ethan De Gennaro. He a bad boy. He danger, he fights, and he's a player. 

Madison and Ethan been friends for 5 years, but when they skip school one day it gonna change their relationship forever.

S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR Nov 24, 2016
I thought you were supposed to take all the main/core subjects.
KittyKatGustin KittyKatGustin Jul 10, 2016
OMG MY BABY GRANT HONEY COME TO MAMA!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 he is literally my favorite person ever!!! I chocked on my saliva and died when i saw his gorgeous face
S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR Nov 24, 2016
This book is weird. I don't know how to explain it, but it's weird
taka05 taka05 Apr 11, 2016
"But they do not look nothing alike" is sorta a double negative. So do they look alike?
_saxophone_trash_ _saxophone_trash_ Jul 20, 2016