Science Facts For Nerds

Science Facts For Nerds

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ThatScienceNerd By ThatScienceNerd Completed

Welcome, nerds (geeks are welcome too, I like them as well) this book will provide you with some facts about science! Just a bunch of random facts to make you smarter! Hope you like it!

By the way this is my first story so please judge it. I need constructive criticism. 

{Awesome cover by: @holyy-schnapp}



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JaydenM06 JaydenM06 Jun 12
@TheLastStorm5 True! I came here to learn, and she gives me improper grammar. Like, are you kidding me?
Ha same but really I can help a bit. My gig is History and Mythology but I enjoy science.
You said in the intro “you may also already some of these facts “ but what you really meant to say is “you may also already know some of these facts “
I just read d intro n i think u did quite a gud work so far ... that's awesome for a 13 old ...
I'm not a nerd, but i'll give this book a try. I'm only 12. :) Seems interesting so far.
“I’m glad your here” should be “I’m glad you’re here”. Think about it like this, “you’re” is a combination of the words “you” and “are”.