Oblivion » Stiles Stilinski |Book One

Oblivion » Stiles Stilinski |Book One

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liesl By leslielesliesensei Updated Jul 15, 2014

Staying in one place was never an option for sixteen year-old Valerie Hampton and her family.  Life was never easy, and she never thought it would be.  When her father decides to move to Beacon Hills, California to start a career as a police deputy, Valerie isn't exactly thrilled with the idea.  After her mother's sudden and mysterious death, she only has one theory: change is bad.  Especially when life doesn't improve in the new town.

Until one night.

Valerie finds herself alone in the woods, unaware of the fate that is approaching her rapidly.  But that one moment changes everything.  She can see, hear, and do things that no one else can.  But when Valerie learns that Beacon Hills is crawling with her kind, she knows that the place isn't the quaint small town that she's heard of.  Beacon Hills isn't what it seems.  And it's effecting Valerie in terrible ways.  She begins to experience nightmares and visions that even she can't explain.  And along with every day life, can she hold onto the life that she's striving to keep?

Through the chaos, Valerie will learn to love, live her own life, and find out the chilling secrets that have been hidden from her for her entire life.

Because a bite can change everything.

lilak-skies lilak-skies May 10
omgg let's take a moment to appreciate how well written this paragraph was!
I don't even know my lefts and rights, let alone the bloody compass lmao
VoidKatie VoidKatie Jul 06, 2016
It's true tho bc everyone knows biting is only reserved for Liam
Lmao if i did all she just did in the morning i would either have to wake up at 3am to get ready or miss at least 2 lessons
VoidKatie VoidKatie Jul 06, 2016
Thank you author for incorporating me into this book as Emily