And He Still Didn't Fire Me

And He Still Didn't Fire Me

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Hello, Wattpader. I like you. By TheFoxSaysHi Completed

"Your resume says your main achievement is... finishing a rubber before losing it because you are awesome."


"Your personality type says you are... sassy, hot and cool (more than anyone here) at the same time because you are awesome? That's a challenge." He smirked as he raised his perfect eyebrow.

I nodded dumbly.
And then I heard him mumbling," Never knew a Smurfs' T shirt was that hot with red pants..."

"Your special education says... you were in Hogwarts?" His eyes opened wide.


"And your interests says you want to go home and watch Ironman because you didn't want to apply for this job anyway and you are forced..."

"You got me right boy!" I pointed at him with my finger. But then he said the three words I never expected to hear.

"You're hired, hobo."

I haven't started reading the book yet, but I just wanna say, this description is probably the best description I've ever read...and trust me, I've read loads
I one time used a puppet to amuse a kid.
                              He stole my puppet.
Shout Out to the Slytherins because they need recognition and most wizards think they're all evil.
Lecleihn Lecleihn Sep 12
The fourth wall is broken!!!! Abort mission!!!!!😱😱😱😱
nikkilime nikkilime Sep 02
OMG 😆😆 LMFAO 😝😜😜 I'm studying at Hogwarts as a Gryffindor 💖💖😋😜
vanold vanold Jun 12
Realized they meant eraser and not condom. I was super confused😂😂😳