Solidly Real (GaLe FanFic Fairy Tail)

Solidly Real (GaLe FanFic Fairy Tail)

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ADO By Anotherdamnotaku Updated Dec 13, 2016

In a world where Magic is outlawed. The who is caught using such sorcery will be punished by death. Anything supernatural is considered the works of the devil, so mages around the globe are constantly living in fear.

Levy McGarden, I simple townswoman; ocean blue hair, chocolate brown eyes, Five Foot Two (5'2) and has an eye for the books. She is a mage and has been in hiding her whole life. Her parents passed at age ten and all she has is her bag of belongings and her distant friends. But Imagine getting caught using magic and chased to some unknown valley somewhere by the town mob. But in that valley she meets a group of unusual people, one different from the other, no they weren't mages but...


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g-gayish g-gayish Mar 16, 2017
You have to read this story @juvia_7215 @lilyx_chan I fangirled so hard.
And I am a 13 year old who is 5'1 and has been for 8 years 😂
Mae-chan13 Mae-chan13 Jan 13, 2017
We're like the same height!! There's only half an inch difference! I'm 5'2 1/2
poofuu poofuu Mar 13, 2015
ok I got to say this but I love your profile pic just say before I read your story
808Hawaii_girl 808Hawaii_girl Jul 24, 2014
This sounds interesting..... I shall read this story and when I do........ I shall enjoy it.
chello_8893 chello_8893 Jul 23, 2014
                              In case you couldn't tell, I like this already. ;)