Sand and Stars (Gaara Love Story)

Sand and Stars (Gaara Love Story)

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Ron-chan By Kunoichi101 Completed

“Wh-“ I then held his hand.

“Shh,” I told him. “Don’t talk. Just close your eyes.”

“I’ll just have nightmares,” he told me.

“No more nightmares,” I used my free hand to close his eyes. “I promise,”

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Damn, the Chuunin exams would have been a breeze for her. Just stop someone's blood circulation or knock them out and tadda! You win! I don't know how many other tricks she has up her sleeve. Something tells me there are many
Isn't anyone else wondering how you could wear a shirt in a black tube? No, just me? Okay.
Wow! She can change to any eye colour she wants and she chooses plain black. While I here want another eye colour because mine are plain black.
thestralz thestralz Jun 27
Gaara no offense bro but instead of eyeliner maybe draw some eyebrows
Wow... Forward much? I didn't even think someone would be so outright with such a thing with a stranger
So uhh... I was kinda to lazy to read this so I'm just looking at da comments. XD