Through My Eyes - (Hetalia x Child! Reader)

Through My Eyes - (Hetalia x Child! Reader)

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Nobody important By ceevee912 Updated Nov 04, 2015

Arthur was frantically looking through his bag for something. He set down his shopping bags on the ground then he rummaged through his breast pockets, there was nothing, his side pockets, nothing either. He was firmly convinced that the house key was missing.

He sighed in frustration as his daughter came into view.

You were sitting patiently on one of the steps outside their porch, waiting for your dad to open the door to the house. You busied yourself by looking at all of the cars and bicycles that passed by their street. So far, you have seen three red cars, two white ones and a large dog chasing the mailman on his bike.

"Please come here for a moment (y/n)." His voice brought you out of your musings.

You turned to her dad who seemed quite displeased with something. At this point you just had to stop what you were doing for you didn't like the way your father's emerald eyes sternly bore onto your small form.

"What is the matter daddy?" You asked quizzically. He was tapping his f...

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CorporalGalaxy CorporalGalaxy Nov 21, 2017
That guilt card is my house specialty 
                              Besides the pasta 
                              Always the pasta
EchoParagon503 EchoParagon503 Dec 09, 2017
"Unlikely and unexpected"
                              Why am I thinking of the hOBBIT aND LOTR
allbrazilliangirl allbrazilliangirl Sep 29, 2017
i can imagine china popping out of nowhere and yelling "aIYAH sHeS sO CrEaTivE aRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"
XOXOYukiXOXO XOXOYukiXOXO May 31, 2017
Wow good job author-Chan you made the emotion less me cry..good.job.
KitKatKawaiiMusic KitKatKawaiiMusic Jun 29, 2017
was there anyone besides me who started crying? okay then...