Comic Books and Superheroes (ON HOLD)

Comic Books and Superheroes (ON HOLD)

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Sage W By MoreThanFierce Updated May 03, 2011

My eyes wandered around the school and all the different people and they snagged on one particular person. I could barely see the person but I could tell that it was a guy and he was just leaning against the wall. I tried to dodge all of the people so that I could get a better look at him. And finally when I did I notice he was staring at me and when our eyes locked my mind wandered into this vision or fantasy of some sort. We were kissing. It was a deep passionate kiss that involved wandering hands, swollen lips, and absent clothing. 

Then, the vision was gone.

Roulette Evans and her friends have been…. Different, to say the least, for as long as they can remember.
Even as a kid Roulette was gifted with the power of telekinesis: the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. 

Ever since her mom, who had the ability to manipulate technology, died Roulette has always wanted to follow in her footsteps. So when her, and her friends, receive an exclusive letter of invitation to Pendragon Academy in England, as a legacy she immediately wants to go, but only with the agreement from her human father. 

From Los Angeles to England Roulette faces more problems than she can imagine. From catching the eye of the schools bad-boy, beefcake, Ryan Davis; to facing her ultimate nemesis the Dark King who has major problems being original and is trying to kill everyone she knows and loves.

But you know what they say every superhero has its villain.

… Even the not-so heroic ones.

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MoreThanFierce MoreThanFierce Mar 19, 2011
@Writer101 Thank you! For her mother: she's gone. And as for that guys power: You going to have to continue reading to find out!