Beg // Z.M [1]

Beg // Z.M [1]

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❝ one day i'll have you beggin' on your knees for me.❞ melanie whispered as tears escaped her eyes. she stole another glance at zayn and his crew laughing.

zayn looked up at her and sucked in a breath making his cheeks puff out. his crew laughed and did the same.

❝ look i'm melanie, and every time i walk i cause the ground to shake.❞ a blonde boy chuckled while stomping hard on the ground.

Melaine was an over-sized girl. From early in her life, she was always big. She didn't eat much, so she was always confused on the fact of why she was fat. She was confused when people bullied her. What right did they have to make fun of her. 

Teardrops fall endlessly everyday, makeup smudged. She fights hard to try and think of positives, but what is good? One day, she decided that enough is enough. She's going to stand up for herself, lose weight and become confident in herself. But soon it becomes so much more than just trying to lose weight, and she can't seem to get out of the chaos.

One thing is for sure, she want's all the bullies to beg for forgiveness.
[Book 1]

ZaddyChampagne ZaddyChampagne Sep 11, 2017
I've only heard that one once. Didn't really affect me much bc the bîtch that said it looked like Sid from ice age😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Iam_Lazy Iam_Lazy Dec 25, 2017
same I don't really eat but I do sleep a lot and when I wake up I am like a new inflatable version of me
CurlyHairHazza16 CurlyHairHazza16 Aug 07, 2017
Zen, sweetie, this isn't you. You respect women. Remember, YOU LIKE ALL GIRLS.
AuthourX AuthourX Aug 25, 2017
I just wanna hug her and beat the hell out of anyone who hurts her :(
ZaddyChampagne ZaddyChampagne Sep 11, 2017
My last name is murray... damn, lemme get my cousin for you girl😂
In-ter-lude In-ter-lude Jul 18, 2017
Healthy is the new skinny. That’s all that matters, being healthy and loving yourself